Pinnacle 2 For first-time users

No preparation required!

It is a facility where you can enjoy “bouldering” which is a kind of free climbing. Safety measures are thorough, so we do not use tools to ensure safety. Under the low wall of 4-5m, the entire surface is covered with a mat. With only special shoes and non-slip chalk, you can easily start. All tools can be rented. Please feel free to ask our staff.

Inexperienced and beginners will receive a free lecture!

Bouldering First class

If you take the first lecture on basic safety knowledge and how to enjoy bouldering, you will be a fine climber from that day. If you can't climb... even if you're worried about it, we also have a very easy course, so it's okay. If you've done it a long time ago but forgot about it, feel free to ask the staff for a lecture. Let's review together!

Recommended for those who are not good at exercising and can't keep up!

Bouldering Resora Obu

I couldn't do anything in sports, but I did it! I made it! I often hear such voices. Boring basic practice, hard running... get tired of it quickly and can't keep up... Even if you're like that, if you clear it like a game, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment like never before, and if you're absorbed in it, you'll sweat. You should be able to feel a comfortable feeling of fatigue by using the muscles of your whole body.

When was the last time you felt yourself growing?

Bouldering Toyota store

I'm sure that when you were a child, you had many opportunities to feel your own growth through club activities and lessons that you couldn't do before. But when you grow up, you don't have many opportunities to grow like that. On the other hand, there may be people who feel that their body movements are not sharp, or that their belly fat has grown and their muscles are hidden somewhere. But in climbing, while enjoying climbing, "I can't do it..." turns into "I can do it!!" >>.