‚p.Do you have a reservation?

‚`.There is no need.

Walk-ins are also welcomeô

‚p.Is there a time limit?

‚`.Is not.

In the beginning, it uses a lot of strength. Instead of trying to do a lot in a short amount of time, take your time and enjoy yourself. You can also go out for lunch on the way.
¦Depending on the store, there is also a 2 hour setting

‚p.Can children use it?


Conditions vary by store. For more information, please see our About Children page.

About children

‚p.What kind of clothes do you like?

‚`.Please come and visit us in easy-to-move clothes.

It may become dirty with chalk etc. It's good to have a change of clothes. Shorter nails are safer on both hands and feet. Manicure may peel off or be scratched. Please remove the ring as it may be damaged.

‚p.Do you have anything good to bring?

‚`.Those who use towels and rental shoes should wear socks.

It would be nice to have a drink too. There is also a vending machine, so please use it.

‚p.Is there a parking lot?

‚`.There are about 30 parking spaces at the Toyota store, and there is no Sakae store, so please use nearby coin parking. Please use the parking lot of the shopping mall for Resora Obu.

Parking is limited, so if you are visiting with a large number of people, please carpool as much as possible.


‚p.I lost my card...

‚`.We will reissue it.

The card will be reissued after the registration is confirmed at the reception. No charge. In some cases, you may forget it at the store, so please check at the reception.

‚p.Is the card only for registered stores?

‚`.Available at all stores.

If you register at one store, you can use it at all three stores.

‚p.Can I climb with gym shoes?

‚`.Climbing is not permitted without climbing shoes.

Climbing shoes are specialized slip-resistant shoes with non-grooved rubber soles. If you do not have one, please rent one.

‚p.Can I bring my own chalk and use it?

‚`.Is possible.

Some are free at the store, but you can bring your own. There are no restrictions on powder or liquid chalk.

‚p.Is it possible to reserve the entire facility for a group?

‚`.It is possible, but conditionally.

Please contact the store as hours and fees vary depending on the store.