Pinnacle 2 Sakae branch bouldering gym | Sakae 5-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya | 8-minute walk from Yabacho Subway Station

Features of Sakae

8 minutes walk from Yabacho subway station. The facility area is the largest in the center of Nagoya city, and all line sets are changed every month, so beginners to advanced players can enjoy it without getting bored.
  • Nagoya Sakae store 2F bouldering wall
  • Nagoya Sakae store entrance
  • Nagoya Sakae store entrance

Facility information

rest space

  • Men's and women's changing rooms & simple luggage racks
  • Valuables locker
  • Toilet
  • Vending machine
  • Rest space
  • Business information

    Business hours

    Weekdays and national holiday  9:00〜22:00

    Saturdays and Sundays  9:00〜21:00

    Regular holiday

    1st Monday to 1st Wednesday of every month

    ※If there is a change, we will notify you on SNS etc. Please see the schedule at the bottom of the page.

    Summer and winter holiday

    Summer: August 13-15

    Winter: December 30th - January 3rd

    ※Holidays may vary.
    ※It may be temporarily closed due to maintenance, etc. In that case, we will inform you in advance on SNS, HP, stores, etc., so please check.


     There is a carpool rate!

    ・A carpool discount is available only at the Meitetsu Kyosho coin parking on the opposite side of the building.

    ・We will issue a parking ticket of 200 yen for two people sharing a car and 300 yen for three or more people sharing a car.


    Member registration

    Adults 1000 yen, university students and younger 500 yen

    First-time users are asked to fill out a membership registration form and sign a confirmation.
    Registration forms are available at the store, but if you print and fill them out at home in advance and bring them with you, We can guide you smoothly at the time of reception.

    Registration application form ←Click here to print

    Facility usage fee

    Facility usage fee

    Weekday 2 hours 1day
    Adult 1500 yen 1900 yen
    University student, senior 1200 yen 1500 yen
    Junior high and high school students 1000 yen 1200 yen
    Elementary school students (4th grade and above) 800 yen 1000 yen

    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 2 hours 1day
    Adult 1800 yen 2300 yen
    University student, senior 1500 yen 1800 yen
    Junior high and high school students 1200 yen 1400 yen
    Elementary school students (4th grade and above) 1000 yen 1200 yen

    1 hour extension: 400 yen

    ※Senior fares apply to those aged 60 and over.
    ※If you are a student, please show your student ID card.
    ※Graduate students will be charged student rates until the age of 26.

    Monthly membership fee

    Monthly membership Generally
    Adult 11000 yen
    University student, senior 9000 yen
    Junior high and high school students 8000 yen
    Elementary school students (4th grade and above) 7000 yen

    Day member (Weekdays 9:00 to 17:00) fee

    Day member Generally
       Adult    8000 yen

    ※There is a monthly membership limit for each store.


    Shoes 300 yen

    Please wear socks when using the facilities.

    Chalk free

    It becomes liquid chalk. It is possible to bring in powdered chalk.