Features of the Toyota store

Pinnacle 2 (Toyota store) offers walls of various shapes and a large number of tasks that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced players. The staff will carefully give a lecture to first-timers, so please feel free to visit us and take a look.
In addition, we also sell climbing and mountaineering equipment centered on Unparallel from resole (shoe repair, customization). We are also selling orders, so if you are interested, please contact the staff.
  • Toyota store bouldering wall
  • Toyota store product sales space
  • Toyota store entrance

Facility information

rest space

  • Men's and women's changing rooms & simple luggage racks
  • Valuables locker
  • Toilet and shower room for men and women
  • Vending machine
  • Rest space
  • Simple sweets are also sold at the reception.

    Business information

    Business hours

    Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays,and national holiday 10:00~22:00

    Tue/Fri 16:00~22:00

    Sat/Sun 10:00~20:00

    Regular holiday


    Summer and winter holiday

    Summer: August 13-15

    Winter: December 30th - January 3rd

    ※Holidays may vary. ※Due to maintenance, etc., it may be temporarily closed. In that case, we will inform you in advance on SNS, HP, stores, etc., so please check.

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     Save with eco-wari!

    Customers who come to the store by the following methods are eligible for Eco-wari.

  • On foot
  • Bicycle
  • Bike
  • On weekdays, two or more people share a car
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 3 or more people sharing a car
  •  Morning discount deals!

    200 yen discount on weekdays only from 10:00 to 11:00

     Night time

    Usage charges after 18:00 on weekends and holidays are treated as weekday charges. Eco-wari also changes to weekday conditions.

     Even for a short time

    The usage fee after 20:30 on weekdays is uniformly 1000 yen.

    Member registration

    Initial registration fee: 500 yen

    First-time users are asked to fill out a membership registration form and sign a confirmation.
    Registration forms are available at the store, but if you print and fill them out at home in advance and bring them with you, We can guide you smoothly at the time of reception.

    Registration application form ←Click here to print

    Facility usage fee

    Facility usage fee

    Weekdays [Night time] Generally Eco-wari
    Adult 1500 yen 1300 yen
    University student, senior 1300 yen 1100 yen
    Junior high and high school students 1000 yen 1000 yen
    Elementary school student 800 yen 800 yen

    Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Generally Eco-wari
    Adult 1800 yen 1600 yen
    University student, senior 1500 yen 1300 yen
    Junior high and high school students 1000 yen 1000 yen
    Elementary school student 800 yen 800 yen

    ※Infants are not allowed to use the facilities.
    ※Elementary, junior high and high school students are not eligible for Eco-wari, but are included in the target number of people.
    ※Silver fares apply to those aged 60 and over.
    ※If you are a student, please show your student ID card.
    ※Graduate students will be charged student rates until the age of 26.

    Monthly membership fee

    Monthly membership Generally Eco-wari
    Adult 11000 yen 10000 yen
    University student, senior 10000 yen 9000 yen
    Junior high and high school students 9000 yen 9000 yen
    Elementary school student 8000 yen 8000 yen

    Day member (9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays, after 18:00 on weekends and holidays) fee

    Monthly member Generally
    University student, senior 8000 yen

    Month pass light (Rental shoes included in price) fee

    Monthly pass light Generally
     Adult   7000 yen
    University student, senior 6000 yen

    ※There is a Monthly membership limit for each store.

    Annual pass fee

    Annual pass Generally
     Adult   120000 yen

    ※It will expire on the same day next year. You can choose to pay by bank transfer or in-store cash. Please note that there is no extension of hold change, temporary closure, etc.


    Shoes 300 yen

    Please wear socks when using the facilities.

    Chalk free

    It becomes liquid chalk. It is possible to bring in powdered chalk.